he Republican Research Centre for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology
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’The Republican Research Centre for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology’


  • Adjustment of the operating system of scientific research institutions dealing with radiation medicine problems;
  • Maximum concentration of scientific and practical potential on providing highly qualified medical care to the population residing in the most contaminated areas of the Republic;
  • Efficient improvement of organizational and coordinating actions on minimization of medical consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe;
  • Increasing of scientific research efficiency on priority, applied and fundamental problems of radiation medicine;
  • THE AIM OF THE ACTIVITY: health improvement of the population exposed to multi-component and prolonged radiation effects following the Chernobyl catastrophe including other negative anthropogenic and man-caused environmental factors through implementation of research measures on decreasing morbidity and mortality rates.


    After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Belarus received approximately 70 percent of radioactive material which fell on the European part of the former Soviet Union after the accident. As a result, 23 percent of its entire territory that makes up about 46,500 square kilometers was affected by radioactive contamination. The Chernobyl catastrophe negatively affected all sides of life, sharply broken public, economical, ethnic and diverse social connections.

    Under such conditions there was appeared the necessity of creating new medical institutions for providing simultaneous organizational-methodical activity, consultative and treatment-diagnostic help for the exposed population. In Gomel area this function was assigned to the Regional Dispensary for Radiation Medicine which started functioning on September 10, 1990.However, technical capabilities of the dispensary were not sufficient allowing performing only diagnostics of diseases and consultations for patients without provision of complex medical care and rehabilitation for the Chernobyl-affected population.

    The idea of construction was appeared in 1990. The project documentation was elaborated in 1991.

    But the construction works started only in May, 1993 because of lack of funds though according to the contract they were planned for the 1st quarter of 1992.

    Due to the appeared financial problems in November, 1994 the construction was postponed again. The company developed 16677, 8 million US Dollars till November, 1, 1994. In 1993-1994 the currency means for construction basically were allocated from the Republican Currency Fund.

    The dispensary was included into the list of priority building sites per 1997-1998 pursuant to the Order of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of August 12, 1996 # 758-š ‘Concerning the Completion of a Specialized Dispensary Construction in Gomel’.

    5 million dollars were allotted from the reserve of the Presidential Fund for prolongation of the building process according to the order # 230 of August 11, 1997.

    The company SMELT-INTAG (Switzerland – Slovenia) started preparation works and construction of the main object in November 1998.

    The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus adopted a resolution of July, 8, 1998 # 1061 “Concerning the Inclusion of the Specialized Clinic Construction in Gomel into the Investment Program per 1998” and the object was included into the list of buildings and objects for the Republican and National needs financed by the Republican budget in 1998.

    The term of putting into operation of the specialized dispensary in Gomel was defined per September, 2002 by the decree # 379 of the President of the Republic of Belarus of July 23, 1999 “About Terms of Putting into Operation of Major Social - Significant Objects, Social and Cultural Objects”

    According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of February 11, 2000 # 51 “Concerning the National Program on the Development of Material Base of Health Care Institutions of the Republic per 2000-2002 and for the Period up to 2005” the term of putting into operation of the specialized dispensary was determined per 2005.

    At present as a result of re-organization provided by the Ministry of Health (The Research Clinical Institute for Radiation Medicine and Endocrinology, the Research Institute of Ecological and Occupational Pathology, Gomel Regional Dispensary for Radiation Medicine, the Republican Dispensary for Radiation Medicine) there was set up the Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology on the base of a new specialized dispensary constructed in Gomel.

    ’The Republican Research Centre for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology’ is the head organization on rendering specialized medical care to the Chernobyl-affected population including scientific provision of the National program of the Republic of Belarus on overcoming consequences of the Chernobyl accident for the period of 2001-2005, and up to 2010.

    There are two main buildings in the centre:

    polyclinic for 500 visits per shift and 360-bed hospital.