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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Domestic Medicine of today makes widely use of methods of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy (in Greek physis “nature” + therapeia “treatment”; synonyms: physical therapy, physical therapy, physiatrics) is a branch of medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic effect of natural and artificial physical agents and develops the methods for using them with prophylactic and therapeutic goals, a combination of physical methods of treatment and their practical application.

The physiotherapy is divided into electrotherapy, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, treatment with mechanical effects. The largest number of methods combines the electrotherapy (methods using electric fields, DC, AC, continuous and discontinuous current, alternating magnetic field, electromagnetic fields). Phototherapy consists of techniques that use light radiation, including ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Methods of hydrobalneotherapy are based on the use of fresh water (showers, baths and other hydrotherapeutic procedures), as well as on natural and artificial mineral waters. Heat therapy includes methods based on the use of heat transferred by hot wax, ozokerite, therapeutic muds, sand, steam, dry air, etc. Treatment with mechanical effects includes ultrasound therapy, vibrotherapy, massage and manual therapy.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department of RRCRM&HE is fitted out with a set of physiotherapeutic equipment to solve various problems in the combined therapy of patients.

The 12-chambered gradient system «LYMPHA-MAT» (Germany) is widely used for cure of venous and lymphatic vessels of the upper and lower extremities. The patients like this natural and pleasant therapy. It hasn’t any side effects and clears the body of chemical waste, improves the metabolism and gas exchange, and is an excellent antithrombosis agent.

The apparatus «PHYSIOMED-EXPERT» (Germany) represents the electrotherapy and allows to cure with galvanic and pulse currents. The multifunctional physioreflexotherapeutic apparatus "Refton-01" is intended for influence on human body for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes by direct and alternating currents in continuous and pulsed operations.

Ultrasonic therapy apparatus «PHYSIOSON» is used to cure diseases of the spine and joints.

Apparatus "Hivamat": the treatment by electrode gloves gives the possibility to combine the electrotherapy and massage.

UHF-therapy apparatus «PHYSIOTHERM-S" cures acute and chronic diseases of respiratory and ENT organs.

Multicoloured multichannel multipurpose therapeutic apparatus “Rodnik-1” is used to cure the diseases of various genesis. The therapeutic effect is achieved with low-intensity laser radiation. And the apparatus of high-intensity laser therapy "Snag" is used to cure the arthropathy and spine diseases.

The apparatus of piler-therapy «BIOPTRON» represents the phototherapy and is used to cure the skin diseases.

Magnetic therapy is represented by apparatuses of series "SPOC",. They allow to carry out local and general procedures of magnetotherapy and hemomagnetotherapy.

The massage can help you to feel relaxed, to get rid of stress and pain, to stretch your tired muscles. Massage is a natural, safe, and very pleasant and efficient method of prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases. Massage appeared in ancient times. The ancients noticed the beneficial impact of kneading movements for the human body.

Massage is used for:

  • stress relieving
  • muscle relaxation
  • headache relieving
  • stimulation of range of motion and opening of joints
  • stimulation of all human systems

  • Massage is necessary in:

  • muscle pain
  • cervical diseases
  • periarthritis of shoulder
  • osteochondrosis of spinal column
  • arthrosis
  • platypodia etc.

  • No-contact hydrocouch «HYDROJET MEDICAL» represents the hardware massage. Jet and bubble massages in combined whirlpool bath «AQUADELICIA» are also very effective.

    Alongside with classic massage and some physiotherapy methods we use the acupuncture, which is advisable in neurological spine osteochondrosis and sleeplessness. Activation of the internal body reserves, stimulated by acupuncture helps to correct the metabolic process and weight, to rejuvenate the body, to overcome the bad habits (tobacco smoking, alcohol) control stress.

    The following diseases can be cured by acupuncture most efficiently

    In therapy of internal diseases

  • stenocardia
  • essential hypertension of I-II degree
  • neurocirculatory dystonia
  • bronchial asthma, migraines
  • pain syndromes of various localization

  • In urology

  • chronic cystitis
  • chronic prostatitis with marked pain syndrome
  • rostate adenoma with pain syndrome and dysuric phenomena

  • In mammalogy

  • mastopathy
  • hypogalactia (lactation loss in postnatal period)

  • In proctology and gastroenterology

  • stool retentions
  • diarrhea
  • chronic gastritis
  • ulcer of stomach and duodenal ulcer

  • In gynecology

  • disfunction of menstrual cycle
  • algomenorrhea (painful menstruation)
  • climacteric syndrome
  • primary (hormonal)
  • sterility
  • chronic inflammatory processes

  • In sexology

  • premature ejaculation
  • libido reduction and impotence

  • Our Specialists:

  • Alexander V. MAKARCHIK, head of department, PhD, associate professor, doctor of the highest qualification category.
  • Natalia M. YADCHENKO, doctor-rehabilitologist of the first a qualifying category.
  • Natalia A. PHILIPTSOVA, doctor - physiotherapist of the second qualifying category.
  • Gregory B. TEKLIN, doctor - physiotherapist of the first qualification category.
  • Zhanna V. POKATILO, senior nurse, of the first qualifying category.