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Functional and ultrasonic investigations are provided for cardiovascular system, respiratory organs system, abdominal cavity organs, spleen, kidneys, thyroid gland, lymph nodes, soft tissue, joints, small pelvis organs at males and females.

The branch is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with high resolution and the programs allowing revealing diseases at early stages.

Except for electrocardiography (ECG) and examination of external respiration function which is provided also by other medical institutions, we perform:

Holter monitoring (record of an electrocardiogram within a day with the subsequent analysis of the revealed changes aiming to reveal rhythm disorders, ischemic heart disease , control over spent therapy);

Daily monitoring of arterial pressure (AP) - AP measurement within a day with the subsequent analysis to define the diagnosis of arterial hypertension, its level , control of spent treatment of arterial hypertensia revealed earlier;

Veloergometry - investigation of heart work and a level of arterial pressure in a mode of dosated burdens under the constant control of electrocardiogram at the screen of the monitor.

Ultrasonic examinations:

Heart ultrasound examination is provided by current-technology devices with a mode of 'color flows' allowing to reveal the congenital and acquired heart diseases. With the help of tissue Doppler mode there is an opportunity to estimate the quality of myocardium blood supply, to reveal old myocardium infarction (scarring) even if the heart attack has not been diagnosed earlier; to define the ability of heart to work fully in a real mode of time that allows starting treatment in time and to warn stenocardia attacks.

Ultrasonic examination of vessels, neck, extremities, brain, kidneys allows seeing a vessel open space, its course, presence of atherosclerotic plaques in a vessel gleam, blood flow sufficiency. The method is unique, it is exact and harmless for the patient, allows choosing a technique of treatment (conservative or operative). At revealing of neck vessels pathology you can receive the consultation of the Head of the Surgery Department T. Gugeshashvili with the subsequent operative treatment if necessary.

By means of ultrasonic devices it is possible to estimate changing of tissue structure of thyroid gland, character and the sizes of nodes and cysts (even small) to define the necessity of needle biopsy for specification of the diagnosis which can be carried out at the day of examination; to reveal changes in soft neck tissues and lymph nodes increase.

A plenty of modern techniques allow improving the quality of examination of abdominal cavity organs and kidneys, enabling to see small formations; to define precisely the sizes of sharply increased organs; to estimate each organ blood supply, condition of vessels from large caliber up to the small one.

  • Ultrasonic breast examination is provided for early revealing of breast diseases, with providing of a needle biopsy if necessary;
  • Transrectal ultrasonic examination of prostate enables to reveal diseases of prostate and bladder at an early stage;
  • Ultrasonic examination of joints ( which is carried out not in all medical institutions);
  • The technique of three-dimensional reconstruction allowing to see a site of the organ , a vessel, a formation from different directions, its form , spatial image that helps to specify the diagnosis for a doctor , and to define the volume and tactics of operation for a surgeon.
  • Besides there is a possibility of consultation in the Center with the help of a Telemedicine for patients with thyroid pathology for specification of the diagnosis in the Republican Center of Thyroid Pathology in Minsk.

    There are also paid services for Belarus and foreign citizens.

    The reception is provided by the doctors of the 1st qualifying category.


    Vera A. SHILOVA - Head of the Department, top category doctor;
    Tamara I. EVDOCHKOVA - Head of ultrasonic diagnostics room, doctor of the 1st qualifying category;
    Elena V. RODINA - Doctor of functional diagnostics of the 1st qualifying category;
    Ekaterina V. TARASYUK - Doctor of functional diagnostics of the 1st qualifying category;
    Nina G. SMOLYAKOVA - Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics of the 1st qualifying category;
    Natalia V.TISHKOVA - Doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics of the 1st qualifying category;
    Lena P. NAUMENKO - Doctor of functional diagnostics of the 2nd qualifying category