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Clinical-diagnostics laboratory renders the diagnostic help for medical institutions and citizens:

  • Hematological investigations including common blood test with use of hematological analyzer ‘Cell-Din 3700’ (‘ABBOTT’, the USA), marrow and peripheral blood morphological examination , marrow cytochemical investigation (chromosomal disorders at oncohematological diseases);
  • Biochemical analysis with use of the biochemical analyzer ‘Architect c8000’(‘ABBOTT’, the USA), including methods of routine biochemistry, quantitative definition of proteins of acute inflammation phase(C-reaction protein , antistreptolysine-O, rheumatoid factor), definition of ceruloplasmin ,copper, haptoglobin , ferritin , Ñ3, Ñ4 components of a complement , antibodies A, G, M, Å, determination of kappa-and lambda chains, D-dimers, definition of lipid exchange parameters including apo-C-and apo-B-lipoproteins;
  • Analysis of a hemostasis systems with use of the analyzer ‘ACL 7000’(‘Instrumentation Laboratory’, Italy) including definition of coagulation factors activity, diagnostics of inhibitory forms of hemophilias;
  • Immunological investigations including definition of the immune status with use of the biochemical analyzer ‘Architect c8000’ (‘ABBOTT’, the USA) for definition of antibodies by immunoturbodimetric method and parameters of cellular immunity by method of flow cytofluometry using cytofluometer ‘PAS’ (‘Partec’, Germany);
  • Hemostasis system analysis by the analyzer ‘ACL 7000’;
  • Hormonal analysis including definition of thyroid hormones , sexual hormones, cortisol, somatotrophic hormone, c-peptide with use of immune enzyme analysis method (analyzers ‘AXSYM’, ‘ABBOTT’, the USA; ‘Brio’, Italy), and also by method of radioimmune analysis (analyzer ‘Strateg’, Austria);

  • Microbiological investigations including (except for methods of routine microbiology) application of the monitoring system of blood sterility Bact/Alert 3D and the microbiological analyzer ‘MiniAPI’ allowing to make full identification and definition of sensitivity towards antimicrobic preparations including antifungal ones.