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The Consultative Department is a structural division of the consultative polyclinic of the Center and provides the qualified advisory help for adults and children, uniting mobile teams and doctors.


  • Providing screening  medical examinations of the Chernobyl-affected population;
  • Rendering the qualified advisory help to the exposed population: for adults, children;
  • Providing target medical examinations  within the framework of the  national programs and under the international projects;
  • Establishing control over the quality and efficiency of the prophylactic medical examination of the Chernobyl-affected population.
  • The consultative reception in the department is provided by the qualified experts: therapeutists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, hematologists, neurologists, surgeons,  oncologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians , immunologists,  traumatologist, heads  of all hospital departments, employees of the research  department of the Center and  Gomel State Medical University, having scientific degrees and ranks.


    Elena N.SNITSARENKO - Head of the Department, top category therapeutist. The department includes 8 top category doctors, 3 doctors of the first qualifying category, and 11 doctors of the second qualifying category.

    Top category doctors:

    Elena R. BONDAREVA - Children Endocrinologist

    Victoria V. GROMOVA - Obstetrician-Gynecologist

    Oksana V. ZHUK - Children Hematologist

    Tamara I. MOSKVICHEVA - Endocrinologist

    Eduard A. POVELITSA - Oncologist

    Victor V.SUKRISTY - Therapeutist cardiologist

    Nelly F. CHERNOVA - Endocrinologist    

    Doctors of the first qualifying category:

    Larissa М. ANDREEVA - Neurologist

    Elena F. BANDOLIK - Endocrinologist of a mobile team 

    Kulyash K.ZEKENOVA - Endocrinologist

    Nora B. LUCKYANOVA - Obstetrician Gynecologist.

    Doctors of the second qualifying category:

    Natalia A. BURDOLENKO - Ophthalmologist

    Dmitry A.BLIZIN - Hematologist

    Irina A.VASYUKHINA - Endocrinologist

    Yury G.GORBACHEV - Endocrinologist of a mobile team

    Elena Y. ZAITSEVA - Neurologist

    Inna N.EVTUSHENKO - Obstetrician Gynecologist

    Irina E.ERMOLAICHIK - Otolaryngologist

    Tatiana I.KIREEVA - Children Hematologist

    Elena S.KORSAK - Ophthalmologist

    Victoria N.LESYUKOVA - Endocrinologist

    Tatiana O. MALANCHEVA - Therapeutist

    Irina V. MINCHIK - Otolaryngologist

    Natalia A. REBENOK - Ophthalmologist

    Lilia V.TARASYUK - Children Endocrinologist

    Natalia I.TERESCHENKO - Therapeutist

    The mobile team includes a therapeutist, endocrinologist and doctors of the ultrasound diagnostics. The mobile teams provide target screening to reveal thyroid pathology at territories contaminated by radionuclides. If necessary doctors of the mobile teams provide fine-needle biopsy of a thyroid referring patients to the additional examination in the Center and other treatment-and-prophylactic institutions of the Republic.

    The doctors of the department are the participants of the International and Republican conferences taking part in various advanced training courses in Russia, Holland, Japan, and Germany.

    The personnel of the department published the following articles:

  • ‘Combination of Thyroid Pathology and Reproductive System at Women with Occupational Hazards’;
  • ‘Human Ecology During the Post Chernobyl Period’;
  •  ‘The Analysis of FNA in Diagnostics of Thyroid Cancer’, etc.
  • The highly-qualified doctors can provide paid services to Belarusian and foreign citizens.