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The department provides X-ray examinations to patients on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies. The department is equipped with hi-tech facilities allowing arranging a wide spectrum of introscopy diagnostics. Highly skilled personnel work in the department including doctors - radiologists who participated in training on computer and magnetic-resonance tomography in the university clinic of Akita city (Japan) and courses on magnetic-resonant tomography in Riga (Latvia).

The following kinds of diagnostic procedures are performed in the department:

  • X-ray computer tomography by computer tomograph Hispeed CT/e, GE with spiral type of scanning. It allows performing examinations of brain, facial skeleton, chest and abdominal cavity, small pelvis, spine bones and joints. All described kinds of examinations are accomplished with intravenous increase if necessary. The spiral technology of scanning allows providing KT-angiography with bolus dosing of contrast using automatic injector;
  • Traditional radio diagnostics is provided by X-ray diagnostics complex KRD Vympel with 3 workplaces. All kinds of examinations are performed including rontgenoscopy and radiography of thorax and gastrointestinal tract , osteo-articular system and spine;
  • Magnetic-resonant tomography is performed by magnetic-resonant tomograph Signa Infinity, GE. The examinations are provided for brain, hypophysis, paranasal sinus, orbits, spine, mediastinum, abdominal cavity, small pelvis, bones and joints, soft tissues; the described kinds of examinations are accomplished with intravenous increase. The high tension of a device magnetic field allows providing unconstract magnetic-resonant cholaangiopancreatography, uncontrast MR-angiography of neck vessels and; brain, MR- angiography with bolus dosing of contrast using automatic injector;
  • MRT advantages: ionizing radiation is not used. It has high contrast resolution;
  • Osteodensitometry is fulfilled by X-ray densitometer PRODIGY, GE performing densitometry of a spine, proximal sections of femurs, forearms for estimation of bone tissue mineralization and osteoporosis diagnostics. It allows examining all body with definition of a fatty tissue amount and its relation to body weight. Advantages: high accuracy of definition of bone tissue mineralization; minimal radiation dose for patient and personnel.

  • Personnel:

    Andrei E. FILYUSTIN - Head of the Department, Top category radiologist;

    Victor A.DOMANTSEVICH - Radiologist of the first qualifying category;

    Alexander S. KHODORICH - Radiologist of the first qualifying category;

    Natalia A. GURKO - Radiologist of the second qualifying category.