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Стационар Поликлиника

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Work with citizens

Director of the State Institution "Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology" - Rozhko Alexander V., phone number 38-95-01, 37-80-95

Reception of citizens:

Rozhko Alexander V., director of the RRCRM&HE

Monday 14.00-18.00
Friday 9.00-13.00
Room 4A-09

Tsitko Ekaterina V., deputy director of the outpatient work

Tuesday 08.00-13.00
Wednesday 14.00-20.00
Room 2-38
telephone number: 38-99-03

Rusalenko Maria G., deputy director of the medical unit

Tuesday 13.00-20.00
Thursday 8.00-14.00
Room 4A-11
telephone number: 38-99-10

Reception of citizens on private matters is carried out on weekends and public holidays from 11.30 to 12.30 in the room 1.53 (Reception Department) by duty member of Center administration or by therapist on duty in accordance with the approved schedule.

The order of consideration of citizens

The complaints book is at the duty staff on the first floor of the Reception Department. - Kudlasevich Svetlana V., head of the Reception Department (room 1-53, phone number 38-99-11), is responsible for the keeping and issue of it. Applications and complaints of citizens are considered by the Commission of the RRCRM&HE. The applicant receives the answer in writing within 15 days.

The "hot line" number 38-99-28 is available from Monday to Friday (8.00 - 16.00), and on Saturday (8.00 - 14.00).

Directors deputies, heads of departments of the Center are on duty in accordance with the approved schedule.

Phone numbers of directory inquiry service - 38-95-1 and 38-95-12; multichannel phone number 38-96-91; phone number of directory inquiry service 74-85-72; phone number of paid medical service registry 38-96-82.

The parent state body: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Myasnikov Street, 39.

Working time: Monday - Friday (8.30 - 18.00).

"Hotline" work

Direct phone line is available from 10.00 to 11.00

  • Monday – director, telephone number 38-95-01;
  • Tuesday - deputy director of the outpatient work, telephone number 38-95-03
  • Thursday - deputy director of the medical unit, telephone number 38-99-10;
  • Friday - deputy director of the scientific work, telephone number 38-96-86

  • The"phone line number" 38-99-28 is available round the clock!