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The priority for treatment and referral to the Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology is given for the Chernobyl-affected population and the categories of population related to them. Referral to examination and treatment to RRCRM & HE can be provided by:

  • Local doctors at lack of diagnostic and treatment facilities of prospective diseases in health care institutions rendering primary medical-sanitary help;
  • Doctors of the consultative polyclinics and mobile teams of RRCRM & HE (under medical indications);
  • Heads of Health Care institutions and their deputies supervising issues on rendering treatment-and-prophylactic care;
  • Main experts (regular and non-staff) of Health Care Departments of the Regional Executive Committees, Health Care Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee supervising issues on providing treatment-and-prophylactic help to population;
  • Heads of Health Care Departments of the Regional Executive Committees, the Committee on Public Health Services of the Minsk City Executive Committee;
  • Heads of Health Care Departments of the Regional Executive Committees;
  • Main experts (regular and non-staff) of the Health Care Ministry of Belarus supervising problems on rendering treatment-and-prophylactic help to the population;
  • Heads of the departments of the Ministry of Health Care of Belarus;
  • The Minister of Health Care of the Republic of Belarus and his deputies
  • Patients are referred to RRCRM & HE for receiving medical - diagnostic help after examination provided previously by the physicians, under medical indications specified in the Appendix # 1.

    The referral for hospitalization can be provided under:

  • Lack of the opportunity for diagnostics and treatment of prospective diseases in medical institutions of the regional subordination and Minsk city;
  • Necessity in diagnosis specification for complex cases;
  • Lack of progress from the applied treatment techniques;
  • Necessity of using of present-day techniques for diagnostics and treatment.
  • The referral for hospitalization canít be provided under:

  • Acute mental and infectious diseases

    Medical workers and employees of the research department of RRCRM & HE have the right to refer up to 15 % of patients for examination and treatment in RRCRM & HE on the subject-matter of research works performed by RRCRM & HE;

    The reception of patients for examination and treatment in RRCRM & HE is provided at presence of the following documents:

  • Passport;
  • The covering letter of the directing organization;
  • The extract from the medical history record with the conclusion of physicians in necessity of providing examination and treatment in RRCRM & HE ;
  • The results of clinical, radiological and other methods of examination obtained 1 month prior to referral;
  • The certificate of the participant of liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe (for groups of the primary account);
  • At referral of children please additionally indicate the data on vaccination and absence of contact with infectious patients;
  • If there are no indications for hospitalization the experts send advisory conclusion with detailed recommendations on further treatment of the patient in the corresponding organization of public health services;
  • The referral of the patient for examination and treatment in RRCRM & HE in case of emergency is provided as agreed with the director of RRCRM & HE or with the deputy director on medical issues.
  • The preliminary record is provided by the following phones: +375 232 37-80-94, +375 232 38-96-91, +375 232 37-80-93, + 375 232 37-77-40.

    The priority is given to the residents of Gomel region and Oblast. The Gomel residents are accepted by doctors mainly in the second half of a day. The reception by doctors of a polyclinic is provided on date and time specified by registrars.

    In case of absence of the assignment from the medical institutions for examination you can get a paid consultation from the doctors of the Center, the phone is the following: + 375 232 38-96-82.

    There is a hostel for visitors in the Center where you can live within several days if you need additional examination.

    The center works from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm
    on Saturdays: from 8.00 am till 2.00 pm

    RRCRM & HE is located in a microdistrict Novobelitsa on the following address:

    246040, Gomel, Ilyicha Street, 290.

    You can go there by buses #30, 26, 2, 18 up to a final stop; by fixed-route taxis #2, 12, 18, and 26 up to a final stop.

    Hostel for Visitors

    The hostel for visitors includes 60 places and provides temporary accommodation for the following visitors:

  • Citizens of Belarus, foreign citizens, individuals without citizenship affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and requiring consultative medical - diagnostic help including persons accompanying them;
  • Employees of the Center and other organizations of Public Health Care system providing functioning of the Center;
  • Foreign citizens arriving to the Center aiming to establish international partnership;
  • You can find home-style cozy conditions in single and double rooms of the hostel. There is a sliding door-wardrobe, a bed, a combined bed-side table, a desk, furniture (an armchair or chairs), a carpet covering. The obligatory attribute is a set of tea-things. There is also a bathroom and a lavatory. All rooms are radio-equipped. There is also a payphone in the hostel and a cafe.

    All visitors should have the appropriate documents certifying the person.

  • Foreign citizens and persons without citizenship are obliged to show the document confirming the right of staying in Belarus;
  • The visitors can have the following free-of-charge services:

  • Call for the doctor;
  • Reception of money for time storage;
  • Ironing, cleaning of clothes and footwear;
  • Viewing of telecasts, reading of literature and periodicals;
  • Warming of food in a microwave;
  • Using of refrigerator.
  • The hostel for visitors works round the clock. You can obtain all necessary information concerning residing of citizens in a hostel by the following phone:

    + 375 232 38-95-51. Nonresident patients arriving to Gomel can go to the center by bus # 30 directly from the railway station (Ilyicha Street, 290)