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Chief Editor

VP Syty (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor)

Editorial board

V.S Averin (Doctor of Biological Sciences, deputy head editor)
V.V Anichkin (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor)
V.N Belyakovskaya (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor),
J.V Visenberg (Candidate of Biological Sciences, Executive Secretary),
N.G Vlasov (Candidate of Biological Sciences, Docent),
T.V Gugeshashvili (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Docent),
V.V Evseenko (Candidate of Psychological Science),
N.B Krivelevich (Candidate of Medical Sciences),
A.N Lyzikov (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor),
A.V Makarchik (Candidate of Medical Sciences),
S.B Melnov (Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor),
E.A Nadirov (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Docent),
E.I Platoshkin (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Docent),
A.V Rozhko (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Docent),
A. Scriabin (Candidate of Medical Sciences),
A.E Silin (Candidate of Biological Sciences),
T.A Stakan(Candidate of Medical Sciences),
A.N Stozharov (Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor),
O.V Chernish (Candidate of Medical Sciences),
N.I Shevchenko (Candidate of Biological Sciences),
A.N Tsukanov (...).

Editorial Board

.. (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg),
I.I Dedov (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician , Moscow),
M.P. Zakharchenko (Doctor of Medical Sciences, St. Petersburg),
Y.E Konigsberg (Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor,Minsk),
V.Y Kravtsov (Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, St. Petersburg),
E.F Konoplya (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician NAS of Belarus, Gomel),
T.V Mokhort (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,Minsk),
I.A Novikova (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Gomel),
I.N Semenenya (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,Minsk),
V.P Sitnikov (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Gomel),
N.D Tronko (Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Kiev),
A.F Tsyb (Doctor of Medical Sciences, academician of RAMS, Obninsk),
R.A Chasnoit (Candidate of Economic Sciences, Minsk),
VE Shevchuk (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Minsk)

Technical Editor

S.N Nikonovich

Editorial address

246040 Gomel, Lenin street, Building 290
RRCRM & HE, Editorial Board
Phone:(0232) 38-96-91
Fax: (0232) 37-80-97,
Our website: http://www.rcrm.by/ e-mail: rcrm@tut.by

State Institution
"Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology"