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Here are some simple steps to follow for foreign patients to arrange the arrival and treatment.

In-patient treatment:

  1. Contact us by e-mail omo@rcrm.by or by phone +375 232 38 95 72. You are welcome for cost estimation and to check if a treatment option / appointment is possible. Even if your diagnosis is not on the list, probably we can help you anyway.
  2. Send your medical reports and findings to omo@rcrm.by, which contains the diagnosis, as well as all available examination results.

    The medical documents have to be:

    • in English or Russian
    • up-to-date (not older than 3 months, hematology cases: not older than 3 weeks)
    • titled (e.g. Ultrasound report, Blood Analysis result)
    • dated
    • typed (handwritten reports cannot be accepted)

    Based on the received documents, the doctors draw up a detailed preliminary treatment plan. We will do our best to arrange an appointment on a date that is convenient for you. Please indicate desired dates.

  3. Arrive to RRCRM&HE. If necessary, we issue an official invitation for treatment, organize transfer from Minsk airport.
  4. Check-in into in-patient department and treatment.
  5. Pay for your medical services in cash or by bank card at discharge.

Medical documents

In order not to conduct unnecessary examinations, we ask patients to bring with them all relevant medical reports and the results of tests and examinations.

List of medications

Patients who regularly take medication should bring their medication with them or bring a complete list of their medication.

Out-patient treatment, consultations and diagnostics:

The provision of paid medical services is carried out by appointment, or without it, if free space in the appointment schedule of the specialist providing the service is available.

The procedure and regulations for providing medical care to foreign citizens can be found here.

International department

Phone +375 232 38 95 72

Viber +375 29 603 57 18

WhatsApp +375 29 603 57 18

E-mail omo@rcrm.by

Hanna Ivanova

Mon-Fri  8.00-16.30