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Clinical Residency

Clinical Residency is open for Belarusian and foreign medical graduates

The list of Clinical residency of internal and external form:

Target figures for admission to clinical residency in 2022 at the expense of the republican budget

List of medical

External form of study














Clinical laboratory diagnostics




Appications for clinical residency are submitted from July 01 to July 29, 2022, the reserve day for document acceptance is August 01, 2022.

Foreign medical graduates can apply for a full-time paid form of education

Enrollement Requirements

The following terms of training in clinical residency have been established:

  • 2 years for internal study
  • 3 years for external study

Clinical residency duration for foreign citizens can be extended for up to five years. For foreign citizens wishing to pass the internship qualification exam during training in clinical residency, the term of training in clinical residency is not less 36 months.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons are enrolled in clinical residency after passing tests of knowledge of Russian and test in specialty.

Foreign medical graduates are enrolled for clinical residency throughout the calendar year.

Training in clinical residency in external form at the expense of the budget is carried out only by the refferal of the employer, which is a budgetary healthcare organization.

Foreign medical graduates submit the following documents to the selection committee of an educational institution (organization):

  • application addressed to the head of the educational institution (organization);
  • Permanent Personnel Record;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • Copy of documentation for completion of all credits and receipt of a final medical diploma
  • a copy of the certificate of recognition of a document of education issued in a foreign state and the establishment of its equivalence (compliance) with the document of education of the Republic of Belarus (if necessary);
  • a copy of the certificate of internship (for foreign citizens - if available);
  • a copy of the document confirming the qualification category (if available);
  • an extract (copy) from the employment record book and (or) other documents confirming the length of service in the positions of a medical specialist (for foreign citizens - if available);
  • a copy of the national diploma of PhD or academic degree (if any);
  • a copy of the certificate of self-employment (if available);
  • three photographs sized 3 x 4 cm;
  • medical health certificate;
  • a copy of an identity document;
  • a copy of the document confirming the right to stay or reside on the territory of the Republic of Belarus (for foreign citizens);
  • copies of other documents confirming the priority right for enrollment in clinical residency.
  • To participate in graduate medical education programs, Applicants who are not citizens or lawful permanent residents must obtain the appropriate visa and cumpolsary medical insurance.

    The originals of the documents specified in the first part of this paragraph are presented by the person applying the clinical residency in person. Documents in a foreign language should be accompanied by their notarized translation into Belarusian or Russian.