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Training programs are approved upon applications from organizations in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas submitted to the RRCRM&HE.

The list of some training programs implemented at the RRCRM&HE:

  • «WBC-diagnostics" 24 hours;
  • «Diagnostic possibilities of electroneuromyography in the pathology of the nervous system» 40 hours;
  • «Modern methods of diagnosing and treatment of hematological diseases in children and adolescents» 160 hours;
  • «Endoscopic methods for diagnosing gynecological diseases» 160 hours;
  • «Fundamentals of ultrasound diagnostics» 160 hours;
  • «Diseases of the retina» 40 hours;
  • «The thyroid gland and elements of sonographic diagnostics. FNAB of the thyroid gland» 40 hours.

The trainees are admitted upon:

For Admission Call: +375 232 38-95-24, +375 232 38-99-09, +375 232 38-97-34.

The trainees who have mastered the training program are issued a document on training - a certificate of the established form.

The educational center is administered by the scientific secretary, Zybleva Svetlana, PhD.

The supervisor – of Educational Center is Mrs Alla Valetko

The application can be sent via:

  • Fax: +375 232 33-77-77 ( 8 AM - 5 PM on weekdays)
  •  E-mail: info@rcrm.by (mark with ‘Application for training’)
  • Mail: Belarus, 246040, Gomel, 290 Ilyicha street (mark with ‘Application for training’)