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Department of the State Registry

Belarusian State Registry of Persons Exposed due to Radiation Following the Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and other Radiation Emergiencies

Division of the State Dosimetry Registry

The State Dosimetry Registry functions within the framework of the Unified State System of Doses for Population and Occupational Exposure.

Victoria Drobyshevskaya is a head of division

Main tasks of State registry:

  • accounting of doses of occupational exposure and exposure of the population from ionizing radiation sources (hereinafter referred to as IRS) who are subject to control; 
  • analysis of radiation doses received by individual groups of personnel and the population from IRS; 
  • maintenance of databases on occupational exposure doses and exposure of the population under the influence of various IRS; 
  • organization of control of compliance with methodological and informational requirements for accounting for individual exposure doses; 
  • information support of the republican government bodies and other state organizations subordinating to the government of the Republic of Belarus, local executive and administrative bodies in making decisions to ensure the radiation safety of the population and personnel.

State regisrtry structure

  • DOS-1 - exposure doses of personnel under normal operation conditions of  man-made sources of ionizing radiation;
  • DOS-2 - exposure doses for personnel and the population under conditions of a radiation accident;
  • DOS-3 - exposure doses of persons due to medical exposure for the purpose of diagnosis and (or) treatment of diseases;
  • DOS-5 - doses of internal exposure of the population (according to the results of WBC measurements).

Contact details

Division of the State Dosimetry Registry

SI “The Republican Research Center for Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology”

246040, Gomel, 290 Ilyicha Street

Email: info@rcrm.by

Head: Victoria Drobyshevskaya

Phone: +375 (232) 389815